For the full story go to discogs, although we can't guarantee its accuracy. Here's our version, although please note that some/most of these aren't available any more.

Peyote LP - reissue of OYC 1990 3rd album for the first time on vinyl - on B.F.E.Records.
Into Dark Water LP - reissue of OYC’s 1987 2nd album on Emotional Rescue.

Sleepwalker CD, our first-ever live album, documenting OYC's recent gigs around Europe.
Ocean Youth Club 12" - "Divided Self", released on Hivern Discs, featuring mixes by Colin Potter of Nurse with Wound-fame.
Insect Talk 12", released on the Utter label (through Phonica), featuring the 'dry' version of this track from 'Equator', along with remixes by Tolouse Low Trax, John Howes and OYC.

Scene in Mirage, vinyl and CDr reissue of our 1984 debut album, possibly described as "the missing link between punk and ambient". Judge for yourselves and find out more here.

UNTITLED, incredibly sexy 10" EP on red vinyl featuring our first ever demo tape, recorded in 1983. Described as "really grimy, beat-driven industrial affairs" and "an important missing piece of the UK DIY’s maddening, unsolvable puzzle", it's a piece of OYC history. Find out more here.

TROPIC, a radical reworking of OYC archive material from the mid/late 1990s, released by the auf abwegen label run by our pal Till Kniola based in Cologne, Germany. Available on limited edition CD and super-cool clear vinyl. Find out more and buy here.

Ambiguism 1983-1987, four album vinyl boxed set that includes a reissue of our first two albums with bonus tracks, two additional full length LPs of unreleased material, a 7” single of our first ever recordings, a DVD, a large-format poster and detailed listening notes that give a unprecedented insight into the world of OYC. Available in a limited edition of 600 copies from

OYC25, CD and full length DVD. To celebrate their 25th anniversary OYC invited all members past and present to a studio in West London to see what would happen. The result is OYC25, a limited edition package that includes a full length DVD of live recordings, rare footage and an alternate mix of the album. Initial edition of 1000 plus MP3 release, available in the BUY section of this site or from Solielmoon.

The Euphoria of Disobedience, CD, edition of 1000 plus MP3 release, OYC Limited. Get in touch for last few copies.

Circulars, 7" single, limited edition of 100, Syntactic

Sunchemical, CD EP, Staalplaat/Solielmoon
Primitive, CD reissue of "Scene in Mirage" with extra material, edition of 2000, Staalplaat

Equator, CD, Staalplaat/Solielmoon
Sunchemical, 12" single, edition of 1000, Staalplaat

Undercurrents (In Dark Water), CD reissue of "Into Dark Water" with extra material, Staalplaat, 2000

Peyote, CD, edition of 2000, Multimood
Peyote, CD reissue, Projekt

Peripheral Vision, VHS video, Ikon

Into Dark Water, LP, edition of 1000, Final Image
Scene in Mirage, VHS video, edition of 100, Final Image

Scene in Mirage, Cassette reissue of LP with additional tracks, edition of 250, Final Image

Scene in Mirage, LP, edition of 500, A-Mission

Compilation tracks
E Tribal on "Born Out Of Dreams" (Frux LP 1984)
Another Journey on "Nightlands" (Final Image LP 1987)
Alia Ma (original version) on "Arcana Coelestia" (Multimood 1994)
Insect Talk (dry) on "Twilight Earth" (Timebase 1994)
No Lattitude on "Mind The Gap Vol 2" (Staalplaat 1994)
Long Pig (live) on "Mind The Gap Vol 3" (Gonzo Circus 1995)
Roseland (live) on "Treat the Gods as if They Existed" (Auf Abwegen 1996) Cloud Cover on "Miracle Steps" (Optimo 2016)
Disco Song/Beyond Control on "Close to the Noise Floor" (Cherry Red 2016)

Related Work
Alp, 'At Home With', Soleilmoon CD 1999
Alp, 'Out & About With', Soleilmoon CD 2002
A Small Good Thing, 'Slim Westerns Vol 1', Soleilmoon CD 1994
A Small Good Thing, 'Cool, Cool Water', Soleilmoon CD 1996
A Small Good Thing, 'The Pink & Purple World of Dishonesty', Soleilmoon CD 1997
A Small Good Thing, 'Block', Leaf CD 1997
A Small Good Thing, 'Slim Westerns Vol 2', Leaf CD 2002
OYC, 'Monkeywrench', Optimism 12" 1991
O Yuki Conjugate+Sons of Silence=Spoke, Noise Museum CD 1997
Spoke, 'Spoke', Syntactic 7" 1996
Paul Schütze & Andrew Hulme, 'Fell', 7 Degrees 1996
Paul Schütze & Andrew Hulme, Soundworks 01 2009
Sons of Silence, 'Silence FM', Leaf CD 1997
Stone Idols, 'Reversion', CD 2000
Symetrix, 'Anyway, 'Shaolin', 'Full Tilt', Time 12"s 1993
Symetrix, 'Drop', R&S 12" 1993